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Prepurchase Home Inspection

johnThe comprehensive home inspection meets and exceeds the “Standards of Practice” by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the industry standard for Home Inspections. The average inspection takes approximately 3 ½ hours to complete. Of course, a complicated house, larger houses, or houses with crawlspaces, multiple furnaces, or attics will take longer. When possible, roofs are walked upon. Attics and crawlspaces are entered if safe entry can be made.

The Prepurchase Home Inspection includes a furnace inspection similar to the furnace certification required by municipalities. This inspection includes a test for carbon monoxide.

Please plan to allow adequate time for the inspection and dress comfortably. Questions and discussion during the inspection is welcome; the inspection should be a learning experience.

Commercial Inspections and Services

Commercial inspections are customized designed to meet the objectives of investors, property and facility managers, and condominium associations (component reserve studies).

Property and Facility managers can benefit by component or building assessments that are made by an outside party or an opinion without a sales motive.

Condominium Associations find component studies helpful to determine the condition of items such as driveways, parking areas, roofs, and the like. The expected life of the component can be compared to existing and projected cash reserves to determine if the reserves are adequate.

Foreclosure Inspections

Foreclosure inspections differ from Prepurchase Home Inspection in that cosmetic items such as holes in walls, missing wood trim, and nonstructural items are not considered a priority. Instead, the inspection is directed toward the condition of versus replacement of components such as the roof, furnace, boilers, plumbing, kitchens, and bathrooms.

If possible, it is desirable to have all of the utilities on. If the water cannot be turned on, an air pressure test of the plumbing can be done. Please advise ahead of time so that a compressor and fittings are available at the time of the inspection.